Chenglie Hu


Who Am I?

A native of the nation of DRAGON (not necessary hidden though) and THE GREAT WALL, I spent about 10 years in the Sunflower State (what State is it?), and now I am here in this "Winter Scary yet Beautiful Other Times" State.   Having been a mathematics instructor (since I completed my undergraduate degree) at East China Normal University for about ten years and completed a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at Wichita State university under Alan R. Elcrat, I joined the faculty of Fort Hays State University in 1995.   My professional career continued at Carroll College(now Carroll University) in the fall of 2001, where I am currently a professor in Computer Science.

My latest research areas have been in software engineering and Computer Science Education alongside with my other scholarly interests in Scientific Computing ( including numerical analysis ), and Math Education .

I regularly review published math and CS research papers and books for Mathematical Reviews of AMS (American Mathematical Society) and Computing Reviews of ACM (Association of Computing Machinary) respectively, which is often the source of inspiration of my professional writings. My biography has been shamelessly included in a number of WHO'S WHO and Cambridge International Biographical Center publications (if you are in one of them, you will be effortlessly in many of them!). To know a bit more about me, Google on my name.  

What's New

For the latest information about Annual Symposium of Computer Science Education, browse  SIGCSE2009.